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By: Jay Acunzo on September 10th, 2020

3 Clips: Dissecting Song Exploder, “The Best Use of the Podcast Medium Ever”

Song Exploder is one of the most widely celebrated podasts on this or any other planet. The host, Hrishikesh Hirway, is a multi-hyphenate kind of creator working across a number of impressive projects and roles. Most notably on this show, however, he takes a step back from being a dominant voice and creative thinker to let his guest receive most of the airtime.

This isn’t just his interview style. It’s the show’s production style, too: almost nowhere in the middle of the episode will Hrishikesh appear.

Song Exploder teaches us a number of things about creating better, more immersive experiences as showrunners. In this episode, 3 Clips producer Tallie Gabriel brings us an episode and three tiny pieces, revealing a few hidden techniques, that we can all learn from — even if we’re nothing like Hrishikesh (and few are). It’s a deep dive into some deep emotions found inside one of the world’s most deeply moving shows. (We say: bring it.)


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