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By: Jay Acunzo on December 9th, 2019

Introducing “3 Clips,” a Podcast for Marketers Who Podcast

Creativity is just the sum total of lots of little choices. Unfortunately, when we consume something wildly creative, like a show we deeply love or that others can’t stop talking about, those little choices are hidden from view. On 3 Clips, we make them visible.

3 Clips is a podcast for marketers who make podcasts (meta, but that’s our entire life here at Marketing Showrunners). Each episode, we deconstruct a great podcast and try to make sense of it, a few little pieces at a time.We dive into those choices and try to pull out insights, ideas, and emotions that we’d otherwise miss, all in the name of helping marketers become world-class showrunners — not the best at the company, not the best in the industry. World. Class. Showrunners.

3 Clips launches today

You can listen to the show wherever you get your podcasts: Apple, Spotify, Overcast, and more.

In addition to our episodes deconstructing great podcasts, we’ll talk to technologists and marketing leaders who are building tools and teams, respectively, that somehow affect our jobs as marketing showrunners — like an atypical new marketing role created at Wistia specifically to create shows, or one technology veteran’s assessment of the state of podcasting tools, or one of the world’s most beloved retail brand’s behind-the-scenes mastermind running multiple podcasts at once.

All that, plus some experimental miniseries within the 3 Clips feed. Don’t forget to subscribe: Apple, Spotify, Overcast, and more.

The best place to listen is a podcast player. The best place to get total access is our newsletter.

We’re also planning some exclusive bonus content and invitations to hang out on video calls with me, Jay, the host of 3 Clips, and Molly Donovan, our managing editor and the host of an upcoming new show herself (to be announced soon — only to newsletter subscribers).

Subscribe to MSR Monthly for free and join marketers from Red Bull, Adobe, Salesforce, the BBC, Amazon Prime, Mailchimp, the New York Times, and more — all of whom believe what we do. We believe great marketing isn’t about who arrives. It’s about who stays. That’s why we’re focused on becoming world class showrunners.

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Thanks to our sponsor, Casted, the world’s first B2B podcast platform.

3 Clips is sponsored by Casted, the world’s first B2B podcasting platform, helping marketers upload, distribute, market, and measure your show. Casted is building tools specifically for us marketers who make shows, with an eye towards B2B for things like sales enablement, lead nurturing, and full-funnel use cases for your show. Casted is not only a great partner to MSR in this movement, they’re focused on our niche alone. No more using tools meant for the media or hobbyists — only marketers.

Learn more at

Here’s a sneak preview of 3 Clips:


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Founder of Marketing Showrunners, host of 3 Clips and other podcasts and docuseries about creativity, and author of Break the Wheel. I’m trying to create a world where people feel intrinsically motivated by their work. Previously in content marketing and digital strategy at Google and HubSpot and VP of brand and community at the VC firm NextView. I write, tinker, and speak on stages and into microphones for a living. It’s weird but wonderful.

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