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By: Jay Acunzo on March 9th, 2020

The Howard Stern of Business Podcasts on His 700th Episode and the Art of Great Interviews

Mitch Joel just celebrated his 700th (!) episode. The author and keynote speaker is the creator and host of the show Six Pixels of Separation, which is a longform interview show with business leaders and authors before longform interview podcasts with business leaders and authors were a thing whatsoever. In this episode, we deconstruct the art of the interview from one of the true masters of the medium, and we go inside the process of his 700th episode, an interview with author and entrepreneur Seth Godin. What does it take to create an interview so irresistible, people stick and stay? How do you interview someone who’s been on countless interviews before — and do so in a way that differentiates the experience from their other appearances? Mitch joins MSR founder Jay Acunzo to go deep inside the craft.


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Find all episodes of Six Pixels of Separation here.

Clips played during this episode can be found in the episode “Seth Godin on Podcasting” found here.

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