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By: Jay Acunzo on January 6th, 2020

Inside REI’s Podcast Strategy and Show Development Process

REI owns and operates some incredible (and surprising) podcasts. Today, we talk to their head of podcast strategy, Chelsea Davis, about what it takes to make a truly resonant show without throwing budget at the problem.

Chelsea owns the end-to-end show development process across all of REI’s shows — and there are several ambitious programs she needs to think about. Additionally, she’s had to grapple with the brand’s changing strategy of who they serve, balancing hardcore outdoorsy people with more casual nature-goers and hikers.

She’s got a ton on her plate, and she handles it with genuine care for craft and for the audience. Best of all, her words of wisdom and her generous disclosure of their approach can help us all realize: Success in podcasting is about what’s between your ears, not what’s in your wallet.



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The clip played in this episode was taken from the REI podcast Camp Monsters.

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