Advisory for Branded Shows: Strategy & Creative

We're Not a Fit for Everyone

Hi, I’m Jay Acunzo, founder of MSR, and here’s who isn’t a good match for our services.

Our first filter is our core belief system. We believe that marketing is no longer about grabbing attention. It’s about holding it. The best brands are created when marketing teams operate with one guiding principle: Great marketing isn’t about who arrives. It’s about who stays.

That’s our first filter — the way we decide between a potentially great client relationship and a high-five, rooting for ya, but see you later.

We’re also not a fit for these situations:

  • You’re locked into the show’s current concept, whether pre-launch or already live. (We’re at our best helping clients deconstruct their entire brand into a differentiated show. The best marketing is a great experience. A mediocre rocket just won’t fly. Often, the best way to grow a show is to create a better show.)
  • You’re at the last mile and just need a “chop shop” — someone to edit the audio or video into a final episode. (We’re focused entirely on the strategy to help you create and distribute Brand IP. We don’t produce the content ourselves.)
  • Your goal is broad “awareness.” (Shows are actually rather poor vehicles for this, especially podcasts. We believe shows are about brand affinity — increasing the lifetime value of your audience, while decreasing customer acquisition costs thanks to their word-of-mouth. If total views or downloads are your lone focus, we’re not a fit.)
  • You have no existing audience or access to one via some kind of partnership with another brand or media company. (Shows rarely work if you’re starting from zero audience. They’re about resonance, not reach.)
  • Your budget is under $8k per month for consulting services. (We want to be partners, and charging on a retainer basis allows a true relationship to form. Under this total, and we can’t do good work, which sucks for everyone.)

Still reading? Awesome, I’m glad you’re here! I’m — reach out anytime to chat.

We Offer Monthly Retainer-Based Services as Follows:


The following services are a blend of phone calls and exercises assigned to your team. We want to give you and your team transferrable skills and craft intellectual property for your brand, all of which has compounding, reusable value for our clients long after we’re done.


We work with your team through all stages of developing a new show or reviving an existing program, helping you craft a documented strategy across the three core pillars of an original series, up until a pilot or a re-launch.


Your show’s host is among the most important parts of the project, but few people are formally trained in the craft. We work with your chosen executive or teammate to turn them into a professional-grade performer on the microphone and/or camera. If needed, we also help you source a talented author, speaker, influencer, or industry insider, providing them the same services.


Finally, we assist in the discussions behind your show’s distribution, helping you develop the right trailer strategy to raise anticipation, the right launch plan, and the best ways to use your show for endless marketing efficiencies and growth opportunities once launched.


This service is offered on a limited basis to 2-3 clients per year. Please email Jay directly to inquire about availability: For a small number of brands per year, MSR founder Jay Acunzo plans, hosts, and writes/directs/produces the show. This service is priced separately from others, as Jay becomes an integrated partner during the strategy planning, content production, and the marketing of these shows.

An author, globetrotting speaker, and a former content marketing leader at Google, HubSpot, and the VC firm NextView, Jay has 15 years of brand and content marketing experience. He has hosted and produced more than 10 docuseries, interview shows, and narrative-style series about the working world and has experience across both audio and video and both in-studio and in-the-field production.


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