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A Note from Founder Jay Acunzo

As marketers, we often fall victim to a false choice: Either create something like NPR or Chef’s Table (with the same staff and budget needed, apparently) or shrug and create yet another interview series or talking head show. But in between those extremes are infinite opportunities to build an original series — something audiences adore, which turns passive audience into active superfans.

It’s not rocket surgery: Don’t create “yet another.” Create the only. This is a question of creativity. It’s all about resourcefulness, not resources.

Our new marketing mandate is to push beyond grabbing attention to learn how to genuinely hold it. The best marketers today prioritize subscribers, not impressions; quality time spent, not total visitors; and depth of resonance, not just broad reach. They move from traffic to audience to community. To hold attention, there’s no system to game, no algorithm to manipulate, and no cheat or secret to success here. There’s only one option: Create something genuinely worthy of your audience’s time. That’s hard to do, but it can still be simple to learn. That’s why I launched Unthinkable Media: To inspire marketers to make emotionally resonant, refreshingly enjoyable shows.

Our Show: Unthinkable with Jay Acunzo | Episode: "The Man Bun"

Stories of conventional thinking at work and the people who dare to question it. The goal of the show is to highlight the truth: Exceptional work isn’t created by the answers others give us but by the questions we ask ourselves.

Exceptions | Client: Drift

On Exceptions, our show with marketing and sales software giant Drift, we go inside the world’s top B2B companies to understand why and how they’re betting big on brand. Now midway through Season 2.

Org Uncharted | Client: Tettra

On Org Uncharted, we embark on a journey to find leaders who empower every individual on their teams, regardless of title. We reject the traditional org chart and the notion of leading individuals in top-down ways.

One, Ten, One Hundred | Client: Wistia

We helped Wistia craft the marketing strategy and trailer for their first-ever docuseries, exploring the relationship between budget and creativity.

The BIG Simple | Client: DivvyHQ

Marketing’s biggest ideas have a way of making our work seem simple. A fresh new take on webinars.

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