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A Note from Founder Jay Acunzo

I created Marketing Showunners on the back of one driving belief: Great marketing isn’t about who arrives, it’s about who stays. While it may have been sufficient for our predecessors to merely grab attention, modern brands are built by holding it.

If we align around that belief, there are 3 simple ways to determine if MSR’s consulting services are a fit for you:

(1) You’re a brand or influencer looking for creative direction, coaching, and/or strategy help, not just last-mile production; (2) You have some existing audience built already to help grow your show(s), whether yours or through a partner; (3) You’re excited about launching an original series, not yet another expert interview show.

Our Services Include:

EXECUTIVE PRODUCTION + HOSTING [limited availability]

For certain high-value clients per year, Jay will personally serve as your EP and host. He will help you execute all the steps below as a result, including offering his skills from concepting and hosting more than 10 original brand series in audio and video for brands like Drift, Podia, Help Scout, and the Content Marketing Institute. He will also help advise on marketing strategy, pulling from his knowledge as a marketing leader and public evangelist for companies like Google and HubSpot. Inquire about availability.


We work together to scope an industry-leading series. We ensure the show conveys a big idea your audience can’t wait to explore, helping you own a theme outright among competitors. This is ultimately an exercise in your brand’s mission and vision, applied to the show. What is the big idea, the concept, the angle that makes this program The Only instead of Yet Another? How is that expressed in a given episode structure? Together, we develop and document the Show Bible and pilot episode to make radical improvements quickly, then refine as we enter ongoing production.


A show’s most crucial element is its talent. You’d watch or listen to a wildly charming storyteller or interviewer using poor technology sooner than you’d tolerate a boring host using the world’s best equipment. We’ve developed a process for helping hosts bring their full selves to the work, improving whether you’re interviewing others, serving as the lone focus, or crafting narrative-style episodes. Expect a combination of live calls, mentorship, and exercises.


Finally, we assist in the strategy behind your show’s distribution. Marketers love to leap right to tactics, but without a strong strategy to then test the right approach in the wild, chaos ensues. We want you to be efficient and effective at the same time, building a passionate audience because your show truly resonates with the right people — instead of merely reaching a few, only to fade away. Let’s ensure you have a subscription-based growth vehicle with compounding ROI.



MSR’s Podcast, Unthinkable: “Resonance vs. Reach” ft. Patreon CEO Jack Conte

Unthinkable shares stories of conventional thinking at work and the people who dare to question it. The goal of the show is to highlight the truth: Exceptional work isn’t created by the answers others give us but by the questions we ask ourselves.

One, Ten, One Hundred | Client: Wistia

We helped Wistia craft the marketing strategy and trailer for their first-ever docuseries, exploring the relationship between budget and creativity.

Exceptions | Client: Drift

On Exceptions, our show with marketing and sales software giant Drift, we go inside the world’s top B2B companies to understand why and how they’re betting big on brand. Now midway through Season 2.

Org Uncharted | Client: Tettra

On Org Uncharted, we embark on a journey to find leaders who empower every individual on their teams, regardless of title. We reject the traditional org chart and the notion of leading individuals in top-down ways.

The BIG Simple | Client: DivvyHQ

Marketing’s biggest ideas have a way of making our work seem simple. A fresh new take on webinars.

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