Stories of conventional thinking at work and the people who dare to question it.

Hosted by Jay Acunzo

Jay is the founder of Marketing Showrunners and has written, hosted, and directed multiple docuseries about creativity at work. He is a globally touring keynote speaker and author of the book, Break the Wheel. Previously, Jay was a digital media strategist at Google, head of content at HubSpot, and VP of brand and community at the venture capital firm NextView. His work has been cited in courses at Harvard Business School and by writers at the New York Times, the Washington Post, FastCompany, Fortune, and Entrepreneur. Jay’s storytelling hero is Anthony Bourdain, and he tries to always find honest, human, and moving stories from the seemingly day-to-day of people’s lives.

SEASON 5: Consistent Creativity and the Art of Reinvention

LATEST EPISODE: Thank Dog. Alex Cook’s grandfather brightened every room he entered. Now, thanks to Alex, his brother, an old dog, and some lobsters, Tirrell Cook might just inspire every family to brighten the lives of their eldest members.

A Small Fiction. Inside the internet’s smallest creative project (which is having a massive impact on its audience) through the eyes of its creator. Together, we uncover the two component parts to creative work that we can use to constantly exceed expectations over time.

The Paradox of Exceeding Expectations. Once you exceed someone’s expectations once, you change those expectations. What was previously exceptional no longer is. How should we approach this problem if our goal is to create consistently great work over time?

Bad Different. Why are we so obsessed with the idea of being “different” in our work? Exploring the science and the societal ubiquity of this idea, with stories from food, auto, and music that reveal why and how we should rethink this advice. Kinda.

Made to Stick. Sticker Mule is ubiquitous in the tech world, but from the outside looking in, nothing they do feels “creative.” Understanding their story can help us rethink what creativity really means. It’s not about random acts or stunts. Creativity is a way of operating. So what does that look like?

Creative Cafe miniseries: Dan Mills, Creative Director of Wistia. Introducing a new miniseries running within Unthinkable: Creative Cafe, the kind of emotional, insider, and cathartic conversations creative people always have over drinks that microphones usually ruin when we try to record them.

SEASON 5 PREMIERE: Resonance vs. Reach. The changing role of creativity and creators on the internet. We went from quality to crap and back again. Featuring Patreon CEO Jack Conte and a collection of voices: Tim Urban (Wait But Why), Chase Jarvis (CreativeLive), Deb Aoki (Adobe), Josh Bernoff (Writing Without Bullshit), Juliana Casale (CrazyEgg), and more.


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