Making sense of great podcasts, a few little pieces at a time.

About the Show

Shows that make a difference and shift the culture often appear BIG. It’s tempting to disassociate ourselves from those achievements. We don’t have the time, team, budget, or skills. We’re in a “boring” industry niche. We can’t, we aren’t … and so we don’t. Enough. Creativity is just the sum of lots of small, hidden decisions. On 3 Clips, we make sense of great shows by picking apart and playing back the little things others do well that we can all try. It all adds up to making truly resonant shows. This is a podcast for creative and driven marketers who believe that making better content is better marketing.

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3 Clips: Radiolab and the Subtle Art of Hosting Podcasts

On 3 Clips, we make sense of great podcasts, a few little pieces at a time. Few podcasts have had a more profound impact on the medium -- or its listeners -- than Radiolab, from WNYC Studios. The beautifully produced, always surprising interviews, the important and...

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3 Clips: Inside HubSpot’s Weirdest Podcast, Weird Work

In the debut episode of 3 Clips, Marketing Showrunners founder Jay Acunzo and HubSpot's Sam Balter deconstruct Sam's show, Weird Work. Sam is in charge of all three of the brand's podcast audiences, and he's one of the more thoughtful marketers in the world when it...

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