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For a handful of clients per year, we consult on their shows to ensure they’re the most resonant, beloved programs they can be. These are bespoke engagements. Inquire for availability.

How to Know We’re a Fit for You

✅ The ideal fit: A growth-stage startup or challenger brand with previous success in content marketing.
  • 1. You’ve already built an existing audience through content marketing.

    You have an existing email list, social media reach, or website or blog traffic. You recognize that your show is about holding attention and resonating with others, not pure reach, thus turning online contacts into what feel like real-world connections. If your company does not have an existing community to support the launch, or a marketing team to promote “atomized” content pulled from the show, we are NOT a good fit for you.

  • 2. You need creative direction and/or host talent. 

    While we do take the production off your plate, our real value is in creating an original show from scratch together with our partners. We believe this is the best way to ensure the show is refreshingly new, strategically built, and artfully executed. To do so, we provide the series concept, episode format, and documented Show Bible, along with coaching your host (or providing one ourselves). If you’re seeking last-mile production or editing help, we are NOT a good fit for you.

  • 3. You’re excited to launch an unassailable, original series — not “yet another expert interview.”

    You understand why a show makes sense for you and your audience — and it’s not “because everybody is talking about podcasts” or “because it’s the era of video.” Instead, the show strategically supports your brand and delivers something new and different to the audience — something competitors wish they’d done instead. If your show is a personal project, or you merely want to interview experts, we are NOT a good fit for you.

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A Massive Opportunity Marketers Have But Never Capitalize On

Jay sees a massive opportunity that so many marketers have, but never capitalize on. Audiences can hear the love for what he does come out in every episode. Mix that with an incredible knowledge of the industry, a killer vocabulary, and a way of making complex topics seem simple, and you get Jay Acunzo.

A Creative Streak a Mile Long

Podcasting is a way for us to showcase our thinking while building intimacy at scale. We knew we couldn’t be just like any other podcast, so we chose a co-host and producer who is like no other. Jay takes the time to understand customer mindsets AND has a creative streak a mile long. How often do you see that in the B2B sector? His process has made us better hosts, giving us a formula that brings out the best in our team. It’s the difference between average and great.

As Good as NPR — But Better

Jay Acunzo’s work is more than a podcast; it’s a work of art, and it’s profound.The quality is as good as NPR — but better because it’s focused on entrepreneurs, authors, and other creatives. If you want to become a better storyteller, definitely take notes from Jay.

To Anyone Thinking of Working with Jay: Do It!

Everyone at Flipboard was keen on making a podcast, but we lacked the in-house expertise. Jay is extremely organized, thoughtful, flexible, and encouraging. He had a clear plan and gave precise, actionable feedback. I can’t believe how lucky I am to work with someone of Jay’s caliber. To anyone thinking of working with Jay: Do it!


One of the Best in the Business

Jay is one of the best in the business. Working with him to define the podcast has helped us think through our positioning in all other parts of the business too. Jay asks the right questions to help you think through everything, which is especially helpful for a scaling company like ours. In the end, we wanted a show with the same level of quality and care for craft as our software, and Jay’s shown a career-long knack for doing exactly that.

Truly Amazing

Jay is truly amazing. When we first worked together, I was worried about how he’d capture our voice and brand. He did a great job understanding us and our audience, and he’s one of the most craft-driven people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in marketing. We were so happy with the final product.

A Breath of Fresh Air

At the risk of sounding cliche, Unthinkable really is a breath of fresh air. To say the marketing podcast landscape is crowded would be far too generous, but what Jay has created is altogether different. The combination of music, interviews, and deep, thoughtful commentary creates an experience that can only be described as “the sum is greater than its parts.” Yeah I know, that’s two cliches in one review, but believe me when I say the nuanced experience awaiting your ears is anything but!

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Why Jay Acunzo Founded Marketing Showrunners:

Hey, I’m Jay Acunzo, and I can’t for the life of me figure something out: Why the hell are so many marketing teams launching shows that look and sound exactly like everyone else’s? Is “Talking Topics With Experts” the only choice? I mean, we don’t want to build commodity companies or lead commodity careers, so why are we creating so many commodity series? I launched Marketing Showrunners to educate and inspire marketers everywhere to create unassailable, irresistible, original shows.

(This is my pleading face.)

(We can do better. And we must.)

Why making shows matters more than ever for marketing teams: Our mandate has changed. We used to be in the business of acquiring attention. Today, however, marketing is all about holding it: subscription, hours of time spent, and building and inspiring passion audiences around shared belief systems and interests — THAT is modern marketing. It turns out that when you focus on holding attention, two great things happen: The lifetime value (LTV) of each person who knows you goes up, while your customer acquisition costs (CAC) go down thanks to word-of-mouth. That’s the business-speak of it. The human part of it is simpler: There’s nowhere to hide, no systems to game, no hacks or cheats to adopt. To hold attention, we need to deliver something genuinely worth our audience’s time.

Let’s make something nutritious AND delicious.