Build Their Favorite Show. Be Their Favorite Brand.

MSR teaches marketers to find their voice, make a difference, and shift the culture via their podcasts and video series. Because great marketing isn’t about who arrives. It’s about who stays.

You’re a marketer who always had the sneaking suspicion that your job was about far more than selling stuff. You see your position as a way to lead.

You are in the unique position to make things better by finding and sharing your voice and creating a platform for other like-minded voices. You believe the best marketing doesn’t just describe value, but creates it. You’re here to make a difference and spark a movement capable of improving the culture.

We believe a show is the best vehicle for achieving this vision for what it means to be a marketer today.

Our jobs are to earn trust and love, and that requires us to hold attention, not just grab it. When that’s the job, the lone “tactic” that works is to out-help, out-entertain, out-serve. Provide a better experience. To do that, we can shift our mentality from “brand awareness” to brand affinity.

You know the truth: Great marketing isn’t about who arrives. It’s about who stays.

At MSR, we provide free and paid education to serve a special kind of marketer: Someone who wants to find and share their voice, make a difference in the lives of their audience, and (together with that audience) shift the culture for the better.

To do that, we advance this growing movement of brands making shows, not to arbitrage a near-term opportunity, but to genuinely make an impact. We’ve done things like curate The World’s Biggest List of Branded Shows, publish a whole month of data, insights, and frameworks to help marketers make the case for making shows, and host a podcast that we think is the perfect blend of entertaining and insightful with our show 3 Clips, where we make sense of great podcasts a few little pieces at a time.

Don’t make “yet another” podcast. Don’t make some videos. Make a show. Say something that matters, deepen the relationship in a world trending more shallow, and be the type of marketer willing to lead with your voice, your creativity, your curiosity, and your sense of service.

In other words…

Be a showrunner.

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