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Salesforce called Jay “a creativity savant.” | Tweeted one attendee: “The best talk I’ve seen in 25 years going to conferences. Yes, really.” | Out of 125 speakers at Content Marketing World, marketers rated Jay #1.

Unthinkable: Our Critically Acclaimed Podcast

On this narrative-style show, Marketing Showrunners founder Jay Acunzo shares stories of people who break from conventional thinking at work. 

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The False Choice of Brand-Built Original Series

Too many marketers assume they have two options: Either create something like NPR or Chef’s Table (with a staff just as large) or host an interview show (the unedited, droning, commodity show, “Talking Topics with Experts”). This is a false choice. Together, we explore the miles of creative possibilities in between these extremes to build a refreshingly enjoyable show – one that competitors wish they thought of and that audiences willingly invest hours of their time into every month.

Don’t Make a Podcast. Don’t Make Some Videos. Put on a Show.


Your Show Should Be…


Don’t create “yet another.” Create the ONLY. Own a theme, turn traffic into audience into community, and spark a movement.


Shows provide efficiencies across all channels for marketers and backlogs of great content for audiences.


Marketing used to focus on grabbing attention. That is no longer enough. The new marketing mandate is to HOLD attention. There’s no system to game here. The only “hack” is to create something genuinely worth your audience’s time.


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