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We believe: Marketing isn’t about those who arrive. It’s about those who stay. We provide education to help marketers create irresistible original series: podcasts, video shows, docuseries, and more.

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The I’s have it. (Ain’t alliteration awesome?) Explore our resources for marketers who make shows to build passionate audiences.

Keynotes that Inspire Action: Hire Founder Jay Acunzo to Speak

Salesforce called Jay “a creativity savant.” | Tweeted one attendee: “The best talk I’ve seen in 25 years going to conferences. Yes, really.” | Out of 125 speakers at Content Marketing World, marketers rated Jay #1.

Unthinkable: Stories about Creativity at Work

Marketing Showrunners founder Jay Acunzo hosts this narrative-style show about people who break from conventional thinking to think for themselves.

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A New Breed of Marketer for a New Era of Marketing

At MSR, we believe we’ve entered a new era of marketing built on providing great experiences for audiences. This era was caused by a single but massive shift in our work: Marketing is about holding attention, not merely grabbing it. Shows have the express goal of doing exactly that, and they create passionate audiences that makes everything our brands want to achieve so much easier.

Marketing Showrunners provides educational content and community for this new breed of marketer, this mini-CEO of a brand’s show or network of shows. We share a single, foundational belief:

Great Marketing Isn’t About Who Arrives. It’s About Who Stays.

Why Make a Show? 2 Key Benefits to Our Businesses

Most marketing is built to grab attention. In today’s noisy world, that’s like digging a hole in dry sand. Shows are made to stick. They create trust in an era void of it, loyalty among a sea of competitors (and infinite content), and an audience of engaged superfans, not empty traffic. By holding attention and creating passionate fans, we (1) increase the lifetime value (LTV) of our audience, and (2) decrease our customer acquisition costs (CAC) thanks to word-of-mouth referrals.

Higher LTV + Lower CAC. (That sound is every CMO drooling.)

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