Make their favorite show, and make a difference.

Through content and workshops, MSR teaches people to find and share their voices and more deeply serve their audience through their podcasts. The hard work isn’t getting people to arrive but giving them a reason to stay. That’s how change happens, and that’s what real marketing is.
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Red Bull

You’re a maker and marketer who believes this work is about brand affinity, not awareness. You’re here to serve others — to resonate deeply in a world trending shallow.

You know this isn’t about grabbing attention — that’s a race to the bottom. Instead, it’s about holding attention. The only “tactic” that works is to create a better experience.This work isn’t about who arrives. It’s about who stays.

We believe resonance is teachable, so we create essays, episodes, and experiences to help you make their favorite show.

“Favorite” doesn’t mean great. It means personal, and when something is personal, it’s irreplaceable. This isn’t about trend-hopping or arbitraging a near-term opportunity. This is about doing hard but meaningful work with the right intent, consistently. This is about making something that matters to you and to them.

Be irreplaceable, not because you found a hack, but because you found your voice.

In other words…

Be their favorite.

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Wistia provides video and podcasting software for businesses focused on brand affinity. They also make refreshingly human, entertaining series about building brands.