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By: Jay Acunzo on November 1st, 2019

The World’s Biggest List of Branded Podcasts and Video Shows

What does it take to make your audience’s FAVORITE show? That’s our goal as makers and marketers, but it’s a complex question So we’re on a weekly journey to find out. Subscribe for our free Friday emails, each with one new idea, technique, or framework, all building towards an end-to-end system we can all use. Join creative minds from Red Bull, Adobe, Shopify, Mailchimp, the NY Times, the BBC, and thousands of startups, freelancers, and small businesses:

Whenever we find a new show along our journey, we add it to this list.



Marketing Showrunners has put together the world’s biggest list of podcasts and video shows created by brands. Weird flex, I know…

But alright, if we’re gonna do this, let’s do this right. So many blog posts about marketing, so few ways they usually begin. Let’s select from a few of our industry’s greatest hits

“More marketers than ever are” [ launching podcasts and video shows. ]

“Everybody knows the key to marketing success today is to” [ stop focusing so much on grabbing attention and do things that actually hold it. ]

“As marketers, we all” [ want to build a brand that’s beloved, but we keep shrugging and calling anything that isn’t direct-response marketing “brand awareness.” That’s just a proxy for what we actually want though, so why not focus on what we actually want? Brand affinity. ]

Okay, with our marketing blog post Mad Libs behind us, let’s get into this giant list of brands making original series.

Our Approach to Creating This List


We defined “brand” as companies that sell products as their primary revenue source. (The exceptions are the nonprofit/edu lists.)

This means that we know we’re missing the following:

  • Agencies, consultancies, and other service providers.
  • Media companies, i.e., companies whose primary revenue source is ad sales (e.g. The New York Times, Vox, The Ringer, Gimlet Media, NPR, endless YouTube channels, etc.).
  • Influencers, authors, and speakers who host their own shows.
  • Executives who work in-house at a brand but have their own personal brands and corresponding shows, which are not owned and operated by their employers. (We left these off because, while they may tangentially help the brand the exec works for, these shows aren’t overtly part of the company’s overall marketing strategy).

So yeah, this is us hedging against the inevitable onslaught of, “Yo bro, what about GaryVee?” and, “You gotta list Reply All,” and, “My consultancy has this podcast called Yet Another Marketing Show Interviewing Marketing Authors.”

We. Know.


You may be your brother’s keeper, but we are not these brands’ … um … keepers.


If your show meets #1 and #2 above, tweet @MShowrunners and we’ll add you to the list.

The following subcategories are listed alphabetically.

Notable Brands:

11:FS Podcasts (3 podcasts)
Brookings Podcast Network (4 podcasts)
Convince & Convert Podcast Network (3 podcasts, plus video)
HubSpot Podcasts (3 podcasts)
Hypergrowth Podcast Network, from Drift (7 podcasts, plus video)
IMPACT Branding & Design’s show network (7 podcasts, plus video)
Lola Podcasts (4 podcasts)
Mailchimp Presents (2 podcasts, plus video)
RainmakerFM, from Rainmaker Digital (8 podcasts)
Shopify Studios (1 podcast, plus video)


Notable Brands:


Adobe: Wireframe
Andreessen Horowitz: The a16z Podcast
AppDirect: Decoding Digital
AppsFlyer: Next in Marketing No Parking
BannersnackDrag & Drop Show
Barings: Streaming Income
Basecamp: Rework
Blackbaud: sgENGAGE Podcast
BombBomb: The Customer Experience Podcast
Buffer: The Science of Social Media and Breaking Brand
Casted: The Casted Podcast
Churn Buster: Playing for Keeps
Cerner: Perspectives on Health & Tech
CodePen: CodePen Radio
Conga: Agents of Change
CoSchedule: The Actionable Marketing Podcast
CreativeLive: Chase Jarvis LIVE Podcast
Databox: Ground Up
DDI: The Leadership 480 Podcast
DELL Technologies: AI: Hype vs. Reality; Trailblazers with Walter Isaacson; Luminaries
Demio: SaaS Breakthrough
Freshbooks: I Make a Living
Frontline Education: Field Trip
Glassdoor: In Pursuit FounderQuest
Initialized Capital: Business Schooled with Alexis Ohanian
Intercom: Inside Intercom
InVision: The Design Better Podcast
Ionic: Bet on the Web
Jeffries Financial Group: Invisible Forces
Leadpages: The Lead Generation
LionTree: KindredCast
MarketingProfs: Marketing Smarts
McKinsey: The McKinsey Podcast
Merrill Lynch: Perspectives
Morgan StanleyIdeas and Private Wealth Management Podcast
Notation Capital: Origins
Notion VC: The Pain of Scale
Omnisend: The Cart Insider Podcast
OpenView Ventures: OV Build
Pendo: Product Love
PluralsightAll Hands On Tech
ProfitWell: Recur Now
Reboot: The Reboot Podcast
Red Hat: Command Line Heroes
Salesforce: Marketing CloudCast
SAP: Tech Unknown
Segment: Fixed That For You
TechStars: Give First
Toast: The Garnish Build Your SaaS
Twitter Business: Character Count
Venrock: Running Through Walls
Village Global: Venture Stories
Woven: Scaling Software Teams
Y Combinator: Startup School
Zaius: The Empowered Marketer
Zendesk: Repeat Customer


Notable Brands:


3M: Science Champions
Bank of America: That Made All the Difference
Bank of Montreal: Better Conversations. Better Outcomes.Sustainability LeadersMacro Horizons
Barneys New York: The Barneys Podcast
Ben & Jerry’s: Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America
Blinkist: Simplify
Boohoo: Get the Scoop
Bulletproof: Bulletproof Radio
Bumble: Unsubscribe
Casper: Sleep Channel
Chanel: 3.55
Charles Schwab: Choiceology
Cleveland Clinic: Butts & Guts
Death Wish Coffee: Fueled by Death Cast
Downtown Deli & Market (Fresno): Order Up
Facebook: Three and a Half Degrees
Flipboard: Digital Trends
General Mills: A Taste of General Mills
Glassdoor: In Pursuit
GoDaddy: Icons of Our Tribe, Tools of the Trade, et al.
Gucci: The Gucci Podcast
Harrods: True Tales of Luxury
JD Sports: In the Duffle Bag
John Deere: On Life & Land
Johnson & Johnson: J&J Innovation
KLM Airlines: The Journey
LinkedIn: Hello Monday
Maison Margiela: The Memory Of…
MasterCard: Fortune Favors the Bold
Melissa & Doug: Living Playfully
Mozilla: IRL
NeighborSchools: Work Like a Mother
Netflix: We Are Netflix
New Balance: Dress Codes
PrettyLittleThing: Behind Closed Doors Pushing Send
Red Bull: How To Be Superhuman
REI: Wildfire, Camp MonstersWild Ideas Worth Living
Robinhood: Snacks
Samsung: What’s NEXT
Simba Sleep: Sleep Life
Smead: Keeping You Organized
Strava: Athletes Unfiltered
Ten Percent Happier: Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris
Trader Joe’s: Inside Trader Joe’s
WeCroak: The WeCroak Podcast
WHOOP: The WHOOP Podcast


Notable Brands:

American Dental Association: Tooth Talk
American University: Big World
Anne Arundel Community College: Redefine U
Boston University: World of Ideas
Boy Scouts of America: CubCast and ScoutCast
Bright Horizons Early Education and Preschool: Work-Life Equation
Canadian Bar Association: The Every Lawyer
Carnegie Endowment: The World Unpacked
Dickinson: The Good
Duke University: Policy 360 and Ways and Means
Impact Boom: The Impact Boom Podcast
London School of Economics (LSE): Public Lectures and Events
Longwood University: Day After Graduation
March of Dimes: Unspoken Stories
Metropolitan New York City Library Council: Preserve This Podcast
Natural History Museum: First Fridays
No Barriers USA: No Barriers Podcast
Oregon State: Research in Action
Penn State: Democracy Works
Princeton University: Politics & Polls
Rochester Institute of Technology: Intersections
RSA: RSA Radio and Polarised
Sierra Club: The Overstory
Smithsonian: Sidedoor
Stanford University: IdeaLab, View from the Top, and 5 more podcasts
UAB: UAB School of Public Health podcast
University of Iowa: University of Iowa College of Public Health
University of Kentucky: Behind the Blue
University of Minnesota: Civios and Spectacular Failures
University of Missouri: Inside Mizzou
University of New Hampshire: The UNH Podcats [sic]
University of North Carolina: Well Said
University of Notre Dame: With a Side of Knowledge
University of Oxford: Oxford Martin School: Public Lectures and Seminars
University of Pennsylvania: Moving the Needle
University of Texas: 15 Minute History and Policy on Purpose
Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU): Abstract
West Virginia University: West Virginia University Mountaineers


Public Schools/K-12: Too Many to Count!

Happily, the people behind many boards, districts, and individual schools have already embraced podcasting. See dozens of examples in this continually updated list from PlayerFM.



Notable Brands:

Mailchimp Presents (9 series/films, plus podcasts)
ProfitWell Recur Network (12 series, plus podcasts)
Rapha Films (assorted series and films)
Red Bull TV (assorted series and films)
Salomon TV (assorted series and films)
Shopify Studios (assorted series and films, plus podcasts)
Wistia Studios (3 series, plus podcasts) (18 series)


Notable Brands:

11:FS11 Years: The Rise of UK Fintech (documentary)
Abbott: Tech Knowledge
AppCues: Voice of the Product
BrightCove: Video Masters
CreativeLive: Chase Jarvis LIVE
DELL EMC: Baker’s Half Dozen
ezCater: Restaurant Roots
Goldman Sachs: Goldman Sachs at 150 (documentary)
Heap: Data Talks
InVision: Design System Manager // Design Disruptors and The Loop (documentaries)
JLL: Data Center Digest
Klaviyo: Ready, Set, Grow and Beyond Black Friday
Lessonly: Do Better Work
LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Live with Marketers
Lucidworks: Lucid Thoughts
MOZ: Whiteboard Fridays
Oracle: Unforgettable
Proof: Scale or Die
Red Hat: Cultivating Change (and other “Open Source Stories”)
Salesforce: The Story of Sales (documentary)
StudioBinder: Making It
ThriveHive: Locals
Typeform: Meaningful
Vidyard: Creating Connections and Video Island
Zaius: Marketing Unboxed
Notable Brands:

Anthropologie: Afternoons with Anthro
Burton: Built on Boards
Cadbury: Families Reunited
Cards Against Humanity: Tabletop Deathmatch
Cladwell: Style Tips for the Everyday Guy and The Making of Cladwell
Daddyhunt: Experience Matters
Death Wish Coffee: Grind It Out
Dirty Lemon Beverages: 7 Minutes in Heaven and Dirty Secrets
Ernest Packaging: Cardboard Chaos
FishTales: Bart’s Fish Tales
Gaspar’s Best: Behind the Counter
Humane Society: Mutual Rescue
IKEA: Save Our Sleep (announced only, as of this writing)
Jamis Bikes: This is MTB Himalaya
JetBlue: JetBlue Jr.
Lowe’s Home Improvement: The Weekender
Naturalicious: Real Hair Revelations
Post (Pebbles Cereal): Daily Yabba Dabba Doo
Publix: Publix Apron’s Cooking School Online
Razors Barbershop: Anthony Shaves the World
Rogue Fitness: The Rogue Legends Series
Shutterstock: Shutterstock Presents
The Suburban Collection: Suburban Drives Michigan
Tinder: Swipe Night (announced only, as of this writing)
Udacity: Built on Blockchain
Whistler Blackcomb: Our Choices Define Us
YETI: YETI Stories

Notable Brands:

Charity:Water: The Journey
Kid President/Socktober: Kid President’s Travel Show
Pew: After the Fact
Rainforest Alliance: One Minute of Forest Zen
Virginia Tech: Save Our Towns


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