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By: Jay Acunzo on May 22nd, 2018

Flipboard Wants Your Feedback on the Pilot of Their New Podcast, Story Dweller

“It’s not that I have an ego. It’s just that I love how awesome I am.” Said every podcast creator ever.

Look, podcasts are booming, and I get why so many brands would like to create their very own. However, it’s the height of insanity to build an asset as large as a SHOW and not do so alongside your listeners. In fact, it’s downright egotistical to think you know exactly what it takes to build something for others without involving said others. In 2018, whoever gets closest to their audience, wins.

So we’re taking a page out of the respective playbooks of both standup comedians (and the way they test material at small comedy clubs before creating their Netflix specials) and software developers and designers (and their reliance on user testing to build products people want). In doing so, Unthinkable Media and its clients will develop and test new podcasts inside The Maker Channel. This is our small comedy club for more entertaining, more refreshing podcasts about the working world.

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Today, I’m excited to introduce you to the pilot episode of a new show, Story Dweller, from Flipboard. I’ve been working behind-the-scenes with Mia Quagliarello, head of content curation at Flipboard, researching the competitive landscape, developing the show concept and format, and (for Mia) training to become an ever-improving show host. (If you’d like some help building a show for your company, give me a shout. It’s what I do. If a show host is like Tony Stark, then my role is to build the Iron Man suit that someone can step inside to become superhuman.)

After a few months of tinkering and testing with Mia, we’re both excited to share this pilot episode of Story Dweller. In the show, Mia will speak to journalists about pieces they’ve written both past and present, deconstructing the story and going behind-the-scenes into the creative decisions the writer made. We’ll explore the creative craft together as listeners and participants, and, in a sea of noise online, we’ll identify stories that are worth your time and spend even more time with them. And of course, you’ll have access to a special Flipboard magazine for the stories we explore together.

Listen + Give Us Your Take!

Please send your feedback to or tweet @jayacunzo. We can’t make more entertaining shows for makers and marketers without your continual input. You are the audience in this small comedy club for podcasts. Your opinion shapes the future of every podcast I build, both Flipboard’s and others.

Our specific question: What do you think of the show format? Do you like how the writer reads a few snippets of his column throughout the episode? We’ll improve all the other elements too (sound quality, hosting skills, etc.), but we’d love your take on the structure first. Thanks!

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