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How to Grow a Podcast Beyond Your Network, and More Listener Questions | 3 Clips

By: Jay Acunzo
June 29th, 2020

Marketing Showrunners founder Jay Acunzo answers five questions from listeners and announces a new public project for podcasters. Special thanks to listeners who submitted questions for this episode, especially those we used in the final edit: Abby Sullivan, Jim Samuel, Ryan Wakefield, Iona Friedman, and Zachary Sugerman. If you have a question for Jay, send […]

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Seizing The Moment: What We Learn from Brian Koppelman’s Great Podcast Interviews

By: Jay Acunzo
May 18th, 2020

Deconstructing an interview clip between Billions‘ Brian Koppelman and SNL‘s Melissa Villasenor, revealing two hidden traits of great interview podcasts. Brian Koppelman’s show The Moment is a look into pivotal moments that shaped great creative careers. In this episode of 3 Clips‘ quarantine version, “Clipped,” MSR founder and 3 Clips host Jay Acunzo pulls out […]

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